New arrivals for the Weisman’s – Part 2


The story continues with part 2. What a thrill it is when dreams become reality. Listen in to Errin’s story of her new arrivals on the farm in Indiana. Three male alpacas – five days before we spoke.

Two suris and a huacaya. Delightful animals from the rescue farm run by April and Bryan, Fabled Farm Rescue and Sanctuary

Errin did her research, including listening to the podcast and finding herself a mentor to support her early days as an alpaca owner – Three Point Fiber Mill
Mike & Nancy Christin.

Errin Weisman DO can be found in various places on social media, including Twitter – @errinweisman; Instagram – @burnout_to_badass; LinkedIn; Pintrest @eRRRin and FaceBook @errinweisman. Go find her and more of her work, including the podcast

Part 1 in previous episode

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