Reflections down on the farm


Observations from the Alpaca Farm: Morning Rituals and Seasonal Changes

In this episode of the Alpaca Tribe podcast, host Steve Hetherington talks through his routines and experiences on an early, frosty morning.

Steve shares his breakfast feeding routine with the alpacas, contemplates the weight of the feed bag and reflects on the peculiarities of the day, warning listeners about life’s unexpected abnormalities.

Steve revels in the seasonal changes, namely, the cold weather and frost, which he appreciates for their role in curbing parasites. He comments on the ascetic details of being out on a quiet, cold, frosty farm, and the peculiar behaviours of the alpacas, the birds, and a resident swan.

Steve also emphasizes the importance of being observant, and asks listeners to reflect on what they notice in their surroundings, and how that affects their actions.

The podcast wraps up with some pointers about seasonal preparation and maintenance to face the winter, including looking after running repairs, feeds, and fences. Steve prompts listeners to make their own shortlists of things to accomplish in the coming week.

00:01 Introduction to the Alpaca Podcast
00:36 Breakfast Time with Alpacas
01:35 Observations and Reflections
01:56 Alpaca Feeding and Weather Conditions
02:49 Noticing the Surroundings
06:47 Seasonal Changes and Preparations
09:01 Maintenance Tasks for Alpaca Owners
11:48 Observing Wildlife Around Alpacas
13:42 Concluding Thoughts and Farewell

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