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Fall in love with alpacas

Episode Note

Tania Marien very kindly agreed to my sharing this episode from her podcast Talaterra, where she interviewed me about what we are doing here in the valley. Slightly longer than the usual episodes but I hope you enjoy it.


Steve Heatherington is an alpaca shepherd and co-owner of Welsh Valley Alpacas in Wales. Steve manages a large herd of alpacas and offers support services to alpaca owners, as well as workshops for individuals interested in owning alpacas. Steve welcomes the public to his farm and provides immersive learning experiences for visitors.

Steve also provides learning opportunities through his podcast. To “visit” the farm yourself, visit Steve and the alpacas on Instagram. There’s a link in the show notes.

  • How did Steve become an alpaca shepherd?
  • What is his podcast about?
  • What’s next for this 21st-century shepherd?

Let’s find out.

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