Episode 7 – Hannah Williams of Penrhallt Alpacas


Find the path and follow it. But what if there is more than one path?

The journeys people take in entering the world of Alpacas can be many and varied Рeach one with their own set of questions and answers and issues to face. However, there are some principles and in today’s episode we hear from Hannah Williams who has been keeping alpacas for the last eight years.

Having started with three castrated males she is now managing a breeding herd of 36 known as Penrhallt Alpacas. In her case, growing up as the fourth generation of farmers on a farm on Gower near Swansea in South Wales, she had farm and livestock experience, however, as she explains it is very clear that while some of the skills and knowledge are transferable, alpacas are also different from other livestock.

As well as selling animals as pets and breeding stock, Hannah has also developed the use of the fleece and one of her specialties is a crochet kit, which she sells in a variety of places including agricultural shows that she goes to.

Similiar to some of our previous guests, Hannah also brings a unique perspective as she offers us some useful approaches and wisdom about how to get involved with keeping Alpacas demonstrating some of the opportunities and possibilities for everyone as they begin their alpaca journey. It all depends what you want to do and where you want to go.

Where ever it is it will be an exciting ride.

Two things struck me from todays episode,

  1. it is easy to make a start on your journey into alpacas but some paths will help you be more successful, more easily.
  2. It is always going to be a big learning curve but there are resources and people to help you and skills that can be learnt to get you established as an alpaca shepherd.

Dig around, find out all you can and build yourself a strong foundation for the future. Remember your alpacas are likely to be around for a long time to come.

And if you are struggling to get the most out of the alpacas you already have, fear not, you can add to what you already know and become a confident and fulfilled owner.

Steve Heatherington



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