Creative Crocheting with Toft UK


Kerry Lord of Toft UK has grown a successful British based retail business supplying internationally, selling crochet kits and helping people learn the simple skills that are flexible enough to produce over 500 different animals.

It began with Edwards Menagerie with 50 patterns including the perennial favourites (which one is your favourite? – I tell you mine in the episode). Patterns and kits are available from the website and there is a strong and active community to be found on Instagram and instructional videos on YouTube.

If you are thinking of trying crocheting, Kerry’s biggest tip is to start with something you want to do! Motivation helps get the basics under your thumbs but be warned it can become addictive!

Kerry tells us how things began, how they grew and how to navigate the challenge of success.

You are going to want to have a go – I have already ordered my kit!




TOFT: British Wool Yarn and Patterns for Knitting and Crochet



Welcome to TOFT’s YouTube channel for how-to knitting videos and crochet tutorials. TOFT designs and retails hundreds of knitting and crochet patterns availa…

Instagram feed #esdsanimals

Instagram TV feed – Pascal the duck – crochet along with Kerry

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