Cria Naming


In this episode, you will hear about the arrival of our first two cria this year and the names we chose for them.

Angharad daughter of Betsi weighed in at 8 kg and is strong and doing well. Her mother, Betsi still grumbles and calls the cria away whenever she sees me (normal for her) but is starting to settle more quickly than previous occasions.

Amelia broke her streak of boys by giving birth to her first daughter. Beautifully white and 6.5 kg for which I am sure Amelia as a smaller, more compact alpaca was very grateful.

The preparation pays off and even though you are waiting, the alpacas are not in a hurry and the cria will arrive when they are ready.

I hope your birthing season goes well and I will let you know more news next time.

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Angharad – first cria of the season to Betsi

A collection of clips made “in the field” so not the best cinematography – it conveys something of being there though.


2 thoughts on “Cria Naming”

  1. Dear Steve,
    Hello from Australia! After listening to so many of your podcast episodes what a delight it was to see the video footage of the birth of baby Angharad, to see your lovely farm and finally be able to put faces to the names of the alpacas you’ve described. My husband and I have purchased 7.5 acres in the south of Victoria and are looking forward to moving there in 2023 and starting our own small alpaca herd. Watching your video just made the wait that much more difficult but also added to the joy of what we have to look forward to. Thank you for sharing your alpaca journey. I have already learned so much and look forward to learning even more as I work my way through your back catalogue and future episodes. Keep up the good work!

    • So great to hear from you and delighted that your plans for the future include alpacas! Sorry to have made you feel impatient but it does give time to learn from others as lockdown and pandemic allow. Keep in touch and glad you are finding the podcast helpful.


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