That Alpaca Question – we all have one


That Alpaca Question lurks and troubles us – it is different for each of us, but we need to find our answer to it.

Listen to the podcast for encouragement in how to find yours.

  • What is the question?
  • Where is the answer?
  • How can you make it stick?

Try to find your answer but don’t stay stuck – ask for help. Read the books and research the internet. Ask a friend, ask an expert but be committed to learning as you go.

So what’s the issue or the problem here. Well, we want to do the right thing. And if we don’t know precisely what that is, we at least want to do something.

They might need it. I have to take care of them.

The truth is that sometimes doing nothing is the right thing. And other times we need to step in and act quickly, or it will be too late. How do you know the difference? Well, Hard-won experience, doing it, making mistakes, and learning is one strategy. It can have drastic consequences though.

An alternative is to stay curious, to ask questions and to find the answers or the range of solutions and options, which is usually more the case. Some things are black or white, but mostly we live in a grey world. Am I suggesting you take risks? Well, there is little certainty in life, and everything carries a level of risk.

What I am suggesting is to identify the question and find your answer. Research, ask other people, take professional advice where you need to. Don’t rush for the vet or an expert, narrow down the question and explore the issues to build your learning and your experience. In the early days of keeping alpacas you know a small amount about some things. Be hungry for knowledge. What books are there, who is worth listening to and where are they, how do you make contact?

I expect that your experience of other alpaca owners will be like mine. There’s a generosity and a willingness to help if they possibly can.

Always learning.

Hope you get to find an alpaca smile this week.

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