Keeping warm in Wisconsin with Campo Alpaca


Katie Lorenz of Campo Alpaca has made many connections in Peru with producers of alpaca based products. This collaboration helps women and collectives in Peru generate income to support families and communities there. It also means Campo Alpaca can share wonderful products with customers around the world.

The emphasis is on creating unique alpaca clothing & accessories, ethically made in Peru combined with being a Social Impact Business

Katie has strong connections with the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has produced a range of Wisconsin based products to keep Badger supporters warm when watching the games.

The online store (which also delivers outside of the US) has a wide range of offerings with the hoodie particularly catching my eye. See the links below.


CAMPO │Ethical Alpaca Clothing from Peru

CAMPO │Ethical Alpaca Clothing from Peru

CAMPO is a fair trade company making high quality alpaca apparel and accessories with small businesses and artisans in Peru. Changing the world one stitch at a time.






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