Episode 25 – celebrating 25 episodes


25 Episodes seem to require marking by a review of some of the best bits from our guests sharing about being captivated by alpacas and growing in confidence in keeping them.


Here are the people included in this episode’s clips and the episode number you first heard them

Rowan Flindall-ShayleEpisode 2
Tanya RussellEpisode 4
Mike GriffithsEpisode 11
Jeremiah OwenEpisode 12
Catherine PriceEpisode 16
Marta KwasniewiczEpisode 17
Julia BerryEpisode 21
Jenny MacHargEpisode 23
Nick & Jo DaviesEpisode 5
Rowan Flindall-ShayleEpisode 2
Victoria BarrettEpisode 19
Jenny MacHargEpisode 23

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